Current Date:

Thursday, 16 August 2018

PCP Approves New Secretariats

Khartoum - The opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP) Consultative Council approved new secretariats including Ali Al-Haj

, the Secretary General and his three deputies Thurayah Yousif, Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Turabi and Abdallah Abu-Fatma; while Al-Amin Abdul-Gadir was elected to political secretariat.
 Sharp differences have emerged within the opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP) over its participation in the upcoming government, leading to the resignation of Kamal Omar, from his post as political secretary of the party.
PCP political secretary Kamal Omar told reporters last Friday that he declined to accept his nomination for the membership of the National Assembly, saying the decision to take part in the upcoming government is inconsistent with the party’s declared stance and his personal conviction regarding the issue of freedoms.
“I wouldn’t hold any government or party post and my stance reflects the real position of the PCP,” Omar told the press following his resignation..
Last month, PCP has elected Ali Al-Hag Mohamed as Secretary General succeeding Ibrahim Al-Sanousi who hold the post for a transitional period following the death of the party founder Hassan Al-Turabi in March 2016.