Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Taraji: Darfur Activists Misled Amnesty International Organization

Khartoum (SMC): Political Activist Taraji Mustafa described reports and claims by Amnesty International Organization that the government is using chemical arms in Darfur as a ‘fater’ speech and false, indicating that this organization was misled by some Darfur activists.
Taraji said in statement to Sudan Media Center (SMC), using chemical arms is not easy to conceal considering that these arms are reflected on plants, animals and the atmosphere, affirming that all indicators showing that no use to the chemical weapons in Darfur, she said these organizations were misled and this is unfortunate.
Taraji added that these organizations know that because it was not examine real victims, it relied on deceptive photos and it could be from outside Sudan.