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Friday, 23 March 2018

Washington Recognized Futility of Sanctions on Sudan: Al Bashir

KHARTOUM - (Sudan Tribune) President Omer Al Bashir on Thursday renewed his welcome to the Washington’s decision to ease sanctions imposed on Sudan saying the

move “came after the U.S. Administration was convinced of its futility”.
On 13 January 2017, pleased with the Sudanese government’s efforts on the fight of terror groups, President Barak Obama eased the trade and economic sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997.
On Thursday, Al Bashir addressed a public rally on the occasion of the inauguration of the power production plant from Upper Atbara and Setait Dam in eastern Sudan.
He said the U.S. Administration sought to press Sudan by all means but to no avail, describing the Americans as “pragmatic” people.
Al Bashir pointed that a number of countries and organizations have participated to the lift of sanctions and on top of them Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and China.
He also thanked Algeria and Sultanate of Oman for supporting his country, saying the latter didn’t respond to all attempts to prevent it from offering support to Sudan.