Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Government Welcomes Role of Arab Doctors Union in Relief Work and Emergencies

Khartoum - (Areej Khalid) Minister of Health, Bahr Idris Abu Garda affirmed the state's obligation to support the Arab Doctors Union activities in Sudan, noting that the union has provided considerable work within the system of the Arab countries in the field of relief and emergency work, besides support of the issues of Sudan, especially in Darfur.
Addressing the opening session of the meetings of the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Arab Doctors Union, the minister praised the role of the Arab Union for all entities and promotion of the profession through the Arab Institute for sustainable professional development, Sudan branch.
For his part, Head of the Supreme Council and the Secretariat, Professor Abdul Azim Kabalo said that the union is a gathering of unions of Arab states, which was founded in Cairo in 1962, in order for coordination and work on training curriculum and to contribute to improve the health situation in the Arab countries in accordance with the Arab unified spirit, in addition to work to support trade union action, calling on the union to adopt research and medical studies.
Secretary General of the union, Dr. Osama Ruslan stressed the unity of Arab ranks in the medical work through the basic system of the union, stressing his keenness to cooperate and coordinate in accordance with the statute of the union, noting that the Arab Institute for sustainable professional development in Cairo worked on the graduation of more than four thousand doctors.
For his part, Professor Al-Sheikh Sidiq Badr, deputy secretary general of the Arab union, said the meeting discussed training issues and the performance of the role of the Arab Institute and issues related to ongoing training of the Arab doctor, besides the role of the Medical Relief  Committee of the Arab in different Arab and African countries, pointing out that the conference will conclude its work with symposium specialized in medical education in the Arab world and the issues of migration of doctors to other countries.
Chairman of the Sudanese Doctors Union, Prof. Abdul Latif Ashmaiq said that the goals of the Arab union is to raise medical and health standard in the Arab countries and improve the humanitarian situation in the Arab countries.