Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Jabir Praises Ginawi Experience in Solar Energy Field

Khartoum - Minister of Agriculture of Khartoum State, Mohammed Saleh JabIr stressed his support for the efforts undertaken by the Ginawi Group for Development and Energy in the field of alternative energy, which will be the main backer of production and productivity in Sudan.
   During his visit to the group farm in East Nile, the minister said that his ministry will have this experience in agricultural projects in Khartoum state to take advantage of solar power enjoyed by Sudan.
Chairman of the Group, Mirghani Ginawi said that his group was willing to implement alternative energy projects in the agricultural, residential and service areas, besides treatment of drinking water, as they have modern technology in the field of solar energy as an alternative to electric power in various fields.
He pointed out that his group is working in several areas and entered in the field of alternative energy as an agent for the Saudi company Abu Ziriab, stressing the readiness of the group to implement their experience or any sector, adding that he will meet with a number of officials and authorities to present  this experience to provide clean energy in Sudan.