Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

US Military Official Praises Sudan's Efforts to Achieve Security and Stability in Region

Khartoum - Chief of Joint Staff, First Lieutenant General Dr. Kamal Abdul-Maarouf Al-Mahi renewed Sudan's keenness to develop relations with the United States of America,

pointing out to the ongoing dialogue between the two countries in this regard.
This came during his reception, here Tuesday, Gen. James Carrick, Commander of the American Duty Forces in East Africa, based in Djibouti, who is visiting the country these days, in the presence of the American military attaché in Khartoum.
"We look forward to build a strategic partnership with the United States in the areas of military cooperation," referring to his visit to Washington in October, where he met with a number of officials in the Pentagon and his American counterpart.
For his part, the US military official praised the roles played by Sudan in achieving security and stability in the region, stressing his country's keenness to develop military cooperation relations between the two countries in various fields in light of dialogue, which will bridge all obstacles and overcome them in the near future.