Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Interior Minister: We Faced Difficulties in Extinguishing Market Fire

Omdurman- (Mohamed Babikir/Elham Al Shahir) Interior Minister Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman has disclosed that many difficulties had faced the civil defense forces in extinguishing

the fire outbreak at Omdurman market, including narrow roads and corridors at the market.
The minister was responding yesterday to an urgent query at the National Assembly presented by MP Siham Hassaballah of the Liberation and Justice Party on the reasons behind the fire incident at Omdurman Market.
The Minister urged planning of the market to facilitate movements of fire engines in case of fire, noting that the civil defense vehicles used water pipes from a distant place.
He pointed out that the civil defense forces used 46 fire engines and tankers, noting that the Ministry of Interior has set up committee on the reasons of the fire, adding that the ratio of damage caused by fire at Omdurman market amounted to 15%.