Current Date:

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Return of 52 Investment Companies to Blue Nile State

Khartoum - 52 investment companies returned to Bau Locality, Blue Nile State, among 100 companies operating in the locality and left because of the Blue Nile War in 2011.
Abdul Ghani Khalifa, Commissioner of the locality, said that the conditions are fully prepared for the return of the rest of the companies to invest in various fields, especially mining, adding that the companies that have already started its activities are 10 companies, including 6 companies working in the fields of mining, adding that the locality doors open for businessmen and companies to invest In the locality.
According to experts, Blue Nile State is considered one of the richest states in the Sudan. Gold reserves are the highest in Sudan, along with chromium, where a large number of people work, in addition to huge agricultural land and high rainfall.