Current Date:

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Arrangements Completed for Launch of Trade Exchange Operations between Sudan and S. Sudan

Khartoum-All preparations for launching of operations of trade exchange between Sudan and South Sudan have been completed in White Nile State as chairman of businessmen union of the state, Khidir Ismail, pointed out that six companies have readied steamers for resumption of river transport between the two countries.
Ismail said they have signed agreements with herdsmen union of South Sudan for reactivation of livestock exports and protection of pastures besides another agreement with the Businessmen Union in in Upper Nile on trade exchange.
He indicated that the river steamers would operate between Kosti and Renk, leading to reactivation of borders trade and consequently contributes to boosting the national economy.
The government announced earlier completion of all arrangements for opening a number of border-crossings with South Sudan for reactivation of trade movement between the two countries.