Current Date:

Sunday, 16 December 2018

World Bank to Prepare Study for Sudan on Financial Services

Khartoum-The World Bank has started a study for Sudan for formulating a map for use of financial services in response to a request by the Central bank for technical aid for preparation of a strategy for financial comprehensiveness and attraction of transfer of expatriates.
The Advisor on technical studies at the World Bank and member of its mission to Sudan called in a press statement yesterday for boosting the legislative environment and systems of payment and provision of protection to the expatriates, attributing the problem of transfers of Sudanese working abroad to small number of correspondents and the sanctions imposed on Sudan and existence of black market.
Coordinator of World Bank mission on financial comprehensiveness Saif Al-Nasr Mustafa said the study covers the aspects of demand and supply for the financial services by conducting financial surveys to determine their volumes besides the difficulties that prevent their use by the people.