Current Date:

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Army Chief of Staff to Participate in Conference on Countering Violent Extremism in Washington

Khartoum-The Chief of Joint Staffs of the Armed Forces 1st Lt. Gen. Kamal Abdul-Marouf is to participate in a conference on countering violent extremism, which is organized

by the US administration in Washington with the participation of chiefs of staff and commanders of armies of more than 120 countries. He is also due to participate in the conference of the Association of US Army.
1st Lt. Gen. Abdul-Marouf discussed Sunday with U.S Charge d’ Affaires in Khartoum Stephan Koutsis in the presence of US Military Attaché Colonel Adam Kordish issues of mutual concern and regional and international developments besides means of enhancing security and stability in the region.
Abdel-Marouf stressed the importance of maintaining contacts between the two sides to develop bilateral relations through dialogue and joint action.
He reaffirmed keenness of Sudan on integration of roles to bring the viewpoints closer together and enhance the continued dialogue between Khartoum and Washington so that the relations would enter into wider horizons.
The U.S Chargé d’ Affaires, on his part, expressed appreciation of his country to the efforts being exerted by Sudan and its commitment to safeguarding international security and peace, referring to the successes that had been realized during the first phase on the tracks of the joint dialogue between the two countries besides the start of the second phase of the dialogue shortly.
Abdul-Marouf is due to discuss during his forthcoming visit to Washington with officials at the US Defense Department and his American counterpart means of booting the relations of military cooperation between the two countries.