Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

N. Kordofan Political Forces Hail Reform Measures

Obeid, North Kordofan State - (SUNA) Political forces  in North Kordofan State  lauded  decisions issued  by President of the Republic dissolving the government of national accord  and reducing  number of federal ministries as well as placing  concern  to economic situation and people’s living.
 Chairman of Umm-Reform and Development party in North Kordofan, State, Al-Dirdiri Osman said in a statement to SUNA that these decisions would reform the situation and serves interest of the citizens.
 He affirmed that political forces in North Kordofan State welcomed the decisions issued by the Higher Coordinating Committee  of the National Dialogue.
Secretary-General of Democratic Unionist Party in North Kordofan State, Khalid El-Sheikh said that North Kordofan State worked earlier for cutting the government expenditure and forming a graceful government.
He called on political forces to work with the state government for serving the people.