Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Voluntary Return Commission Confirms IDPs Options in Central Darfur

Khartoum - Commissioner of Voluntary Return and Resettlement, Taj Edeen Ibrahim Al-Tahir assured on the efforts  being

exerted by the government of Central Darfur  in implementing the options of IDPs and securing the returnees in different parts of the state.
Accompanying by the governor of the state, Al-Tahir, Al-Tahir inspected the conditions of the returnees at the villages of voluntary return. And participated in the meeting of the state’s security committee, headed by the governor at Western Jebel Mara Locality, where he reviewed the procedures that taken to secure the villages of voluntary return and the agricultural season, and to continue fighting all negative phenomena in the locality.
The governor of the state held a meeting with the political, social, IDPs and returnees leaders, with the participation of the commissioner of voluntary commissioner, where he tackled the issues of citizens, affirming that the priorities of the states represent in voluntary return, weapons collection and protection of the agricultural season.
For his part, the commissioner praised the state’s efforts in providing the needs of the returnees of security, health and education, saying that the commission has provided the shelter materials for returnees, saying that his meetings with students and youth came in the context of the state’s policies to pay concern to their issues by creating the suitable environment   to practice their different activities, besides their participation in the voluntary return  among their societies.