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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Prof Muntasir Shows in First Sudapedia Forum that Sudan is the Origin of Mankind

Khartoum (SUNA) - Muntasir El Tayeb Ibrahim, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Khartoum, has supplied scientific evidence showing that Sudan was the origin of mankind.
The lecture was delivered at the forum organized by the Sudapedia Forum on Thursday and was attended by a host of scholars and scientists and researchers in history, archeology and science, including the emeritus Professor Yousuf Fadul and Professor Ahmed Elyas.
Professor Muntasir said scientific evidence shows that the genome in East Africa region, the desert area West of the Nile and in Kordofan and Darfur, stand out as the most ancient in human genome, saying the genome actually preserves the unwritten history of mankind.
He said modern epoch which dated back to over ten thousand years, was the epoch of agriculture, reaffirming that this transition in humane origin started in the Sudan and was related to domesticated animal such as dog and donkey which were discovered to have their origin in Eastern Sudan area.
Professor Muntasir has added that scientists have recently discovered following numerous studies that gene genome is the only genome that is characterized by genetic diversity. He said these studies were initiative back in 1986 by a number of scholars including Luca who aged over ninety years now.
He said human color changes due to environmental factors and that Chinese have discovered that their origin goes back to Africa and that color change as exposed to sunrays.
A number of scholars discussed the paper, commending the efforts exerted by the scholar in preparing the paper which demands more efforts on the part of the Sudanese people who have been the custodians of this human genome. They call on scholars to take up the question from here on and back it via other fields of science.
The forum was addressed on the outset by the Director General of the Sudan News Agency SUNA Awad Jadain who underlines the importance of Sudapedia, Sudan's Encyclopedia, in providing the evidence and showing Sudan's historical rights through publication of genuine, scientific and authentic information about the history of the country.
He said this forum was the overture for numerous forums that will organized at the venue of Sudapedia. He underlined that this encyclopedia would publish only the factual, true, genuine, scientific and scholarly information about the Sudan.