Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

WHO Announces Sudan Polio Free Since 2009

Khartoum - World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Sudan was polio free in 2015 by WHO and has reported no cases of polio since March 2009. However, it continues to be among the regions polio ' high risk’ due to vulnerable populations living in many parts of the country.
Federal Ministry of Health, with the support of the WHO and UNICEF launched yesterday a national immunization campaign to maintain the country’s polio free status.
 The Director of the Immunization Programme at the Federal Ministry of Health , Dr .Seddig Wahb Allah said yesterday during a press conference that  the partial polio campaign   scheduled for the period 16-18 July in the  localities  of  Northern States, Khartoum, Nile River, Red Sea, North Kordofan, and the  five Darfur states.
 " Keeping Sudan polio free has been a major strategic priority for WHO , Government , and Health partners " says Dr .Naeema Al Gasseer ,WHO  Representative in Sudan. "Our biggest   now is to ensure sensitive surveillance system is in place to detect and effectively respond to any potential circulation of polio, particularly given the outbreaks in the Horn of Africa. With the support of WHO, we are establishing environmental surveillance to supplement the existing system .So far with the committed leadership of the Government.
 UNICEF, Sudan stated that every child in Sudan has the right to equal protection from this dreadful disease and committed to support Sudan to remain polio free.
WHO, UNICEF and nongovernmental health partners continue to provide a range of support functions to the Ministry of Health to combat polio within Sudan, s borders and increase vaccination coverage in the country .