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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

World Population Day: Family Planning Is a Human Right

Khartoum - Sudan participated in the celebrations with the world population day 11th July which came this year under the theme ‘Family planning is a human right. The National Population Council (NPC), in collaboration with the UNFPA celebrated the occasion on Wednesday 11th July 2018.
Dr. Lamiaa Abdul Gaffar the secretary General of the NPC, addressed the occasion at SUNA forum held yesterday on the world population Day. She declared that family planning in Sudan requires more efforts, solidarity exchanging roles. She said family planning is not the responsibility of the government only, but it is also the responsibility of the family and the civil society. She urged for integrated roles to raise awareness with the family planning, the means of family planning, supporting family and women communities before, within and after pregnancy.
She pointed to the low rates of fertility among women in the productive age, explaining that the increase of number of girls’ education, and the increase of women enrolling in labor market, which is more than the means of family planning. For all these reasons Sudan worked hard to explain the current situation and its future plans. She noted to 12% is the means of family planning.
The NPC is a governmental body concern with planning of population policies at the national and states levels in Sudan, said Dr. Lamiaa. She shed light on the NPC population national policies that realize balance with the population growth depending on family planning and productive heath. She pointed to the great efforts exerted and the required needs regard to the family planning as an international issue not only in Sudan. She stressed on the importance of the mass media the modern and traditional in raising awareness, promotion with the family planning considering religion as the basic reference . She added that

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed al Amin Weldi Mujtaba, deputy country director of UNFPA in Sudan highlighted the role of UNFPA as UN specialized organization on population. He described the world population day as opportunity to the world community to form a public opinion towards population issues. He added the celebration this year concentrates on human rights .He pointed to the UNFPA support of population plans and strategies of government of Sudan represented in the NPC through programs of productive health, social gender, and support and determine of data, follow up of the national policies.
He explained their four year plan start 2018-2021, pointed to that UNFPA concentrates on its work in collaboration with the Sudanese concerned bodies  represented into the ministries of health, the federal and Khartoum state,  Security and social development,  Youth and Sport , the NPC, the Welfare Child Council WCC , and the Central Statistic Bureau, UN organizations .
Weldi Mujtaba noted to that the UNFPA works on four strategic aspects include, advocacy and support , support of capabilities , provide services ,gathering of data, planning the governmental policies concern the UNFPA. He explained that family planning enhance communities and support economies.
It is worth mentioning that the celebration with the world population day 11th July dates back to 1968 in Tehran conference and the declaration of the right of the parents in freedom in using the means of family planning and the spacing of births for the sake of mothers’ heath.