Current Date:

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Transport Ministry Reveals Multimodal Transport System

Khartoum – State Minister of the Ministry of Transport, Ibrahim Yousif Benj stressed that the country's vision for the transport sector in the country is to provide transportation system that is integrated, effective, safe and supportive of economic development, while preserving the environment.
Addressing the workshop on analysis of the current status of the River Transport Authority, the minister said that this workshop is one of a series of activities to prepare for the strategic plan of the authority, which is an integral part of the strategic plan for the transport sector in the country, stressing that the most important approach in strategic planning is the real participation of all in all stages of the plan, besides the participation of the private sector, stressing that one of the plans of the plan is to transform the transport sector to the service sector rather than revenue one.
For his part, director of the authority, Yassin Mohamed Mahmoud said that the authority has 4,000 km long of water, pointing out that Sudan has a strategic navigational course which has great economic value, indicating that this workshop calls for determining what is the river navigation authority, calling on the leadership to support the authority and stand with the working cadres, and to cooperate with all parties and address all views and ideas to bring about change and leadership.