Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Integrated Mission Planning Regional Workshop Kicks-off in Khartoum

Khartoum – Sudan is hosting a two-week regional training workshop on Integrated Mission planning IMP kicked yesterday 9th July 2018 at Sudan peace studies center SPSC

– the Intelligence Military Institute (IMI)in Khartoum. The workshop targeted 45 participants of military officers, police and civilians from East African countries.
Major General (PSC), Salih Yasin Mohamdeen, Director  of Peace studies center, of international relations at the ministry of defense ,a    representative of the minister of Defense addressed the opening session pointed to the importance of this  training course , conveyed his thanks and gratitude to the distinguished facilitators from  EASF  appreciated the organizing it in Sudan , and for their continued hard work and commitment to their task for enabling EASF officers for pre deployment phase.
He noted that the training course aims at training officers and equip them with the skills that enable them respond to emergencies and disasters at the mission areas, added that it is an intensive course and requires total commitment and dedication, hoping that the participants will benefit from the course and shall be in a position to be deployed in any mission.
He declared the readiness of the Sudanese Armed forces to participate in a short term with their partners in peace operation in anywhere. He called on the participants to enjoy their stay in Khartoum as a safest place in the world.
Chief of Staff COS addressed the opening session explaining that the course will be organized from 9th-20 July 2018 targeting 45 participants from East African countries. He appreciated the warm reception from Sudan to host this course.  He pointed out that the last integrated mission planning courses , the first one was conducted in Kigali- Rwanda, the second one was in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia , while the third that is running in Khartoum – Sudan , expecting the   fourth one to conduct in Kenya next September. He explained that they are in required to train more 120 officers.
He added that this course held in Khartoum is to train staff officers from the last courses is to train officers from EASF staff from the three components, military officers, police officers and civilians. The course aims to train officers to be deployed at any time for peace keeping. He noted that the EASF facilitators will explain the objectives of this course.
It worth mentioning that the course will continue its sessions that will include lectures, syndicate activities. 10 lecturers will participate during the 15 days of the course.