Current Date:

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Presidency Stresses Importance of Cooperation of Sudanese Society in Preserving Security and Stability in Country

Nyala - The Presidency has affirmed importance of cooperation of the Sudanese society in preserving its security and stability at all areas away from foreign interventions.
Presidential Aide Ibrahim Al-Sanusi, addressing conclusion of activities of the National Volunteerism Day and the Forum of State Humanitarian Aid Commissioners, which issued Nyala Declaration, rejected presence of Sudanese citizens in any camp as they are Sudanese citizens that have the right to reside at any place inside Sudan, stressing importance of exit of UNAMID and other organizations and cooperation of the Sudanese people within the Islamic values.
Al-Sanousi affirmed his support to resolving the issues of Darfur and the recommendations and decisions included in Nyala Declaration.
Governor of South Darfur State Adam Al-Faki, on his part, affirmed that the current voluntary return process is considered as last cycle in solving the issue of Darfur, lauding the efforts of the regular forces in realizing security and stability.
Al Faki pointed out that resolving the issue of social peace has become a model in this connection, pointing out that this model was presented at the UK Embassy in Khartoum in the presence of 18 ambassadors and 54 foreign organizations as 28 cases were resolved in a period of less than a month.
State Minister at the Ministry of Social Security and Development Ibrahim Adam, on his part, affirmed the government’s support to the options for the IDPs pertinent to voluntary return, stressing the importance of unifying structures of the humanitarian work and coordination between the center and the states.
He called on the national institutions to support the voluntary return process, announcing bringing all IDPs under the health insurance umbrella and providing direct support to the poor.
Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid Ahmed Mohamed Adam, on his part, pointed out that there are 70 villages of voluntary return in South Darfur State and the number of those who returned to these villages has exceeded 300,000 persons, indicating that the commission would undertake arrangements for donors conference for supporting voluntary return in Darfur.
He also indicated to increase of the rate of the voluntary return in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States.
The Nyala Declaration affirmed enhancing the right of the IDPs to choose voluntarily one of the sustainable solutions of return, integration of resettlement, stressing the importance of implementation of the second phase of the weapons collection operation and improvement of provision of basic services at the voluntary return villages.