Current Date:

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Jabir Stresses Importance of Consultations with Political and Community Forces on Electoral Law

Khartoum— (SUNA) Council of the Political Parties stressed the importance of continuing consultations with political and community forces to agree on the electoral law before tabling to Parliament for endorsement.
The Council, at its meeting yesterday on the amendment of the electoral law of 2018, praised the new law for giving the political forces chance for coalition and bloc to contest the electoral process.
The Secretary-General of the council, Abboud Jabir said the meeting agreed to form a national electoral commission to be free and fair, adding, "the meeting reached concepts supporting the electoral law, renewing the support of the national Unity parties for dialogue and establishment for the overall stability of the country and for the 2020 elections,".
For her part, Dr. Tabitha Boutros said the meeting discussed the electoral law, the formation and independence of the commission, funding and the election of governors, in addition to the status of women in law, comprehensive political reform and the importance of alliances and blocs for free, fair and transparent elections in 2020.
Political secretary of the Free Will Movement, Mohamed Abdullah noted the importance of taking advantage of Sudan's multiple experiences and reaching a law that meets the aspirations of all parties of the electoral process, stating that elections have become the only means of reaching power in the world.