Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

NCP Sets up 20 Committees for Dialogue with All Political Forces on Political Issues

Khartoum - The National Congress Party (NCP) has disclosed that it has set up 20 committees to sit with the political forces to discuss the political issues and the constitution.
The Political Secretary of NCP, Dr. Omer Bassan, has said that in a step that shows the seriousness of the party to press ahead with the National Dialogue, the Deputy Chairman of the NCP had issued a decision on formation of some 20 committees that comprise leaderships of the party to sit with all political forces without any exclusion, explaining that the meetings aim at reaching common ground on the joint issues in the political arena and the issue of the constitution, which is one of the main topics that were considered by the National dialogue during its first phase.
He affirmed that the NCP is open towards all political issues, saying that the party is keen on reaching a political agreement that would enhance the march of peace and political accord that prevails in the country now.
He voiced hope that the political steps would contribute to realization of the interests of the country and boost social peace and stability in the homeland.