Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Sudanese-Ethiopian Committees to Resolve Disputes on Fashaqa Area

Khartoum – (Ashorooq TV) Commissioner of Fashaqa Locality, Gedarif State, Dr. Mohamed Adam revealed the formation of coordination committees between Sudan and Ethiopia to resolve all problems and disputes of farmers on the border, noting that the length of the locality border with Ethiopia is 104 km.
During his visit to the Upper Atbara and Sitit dam, Adam confirmed the continuity of meetings of the committees to prepare for the agricultural season of 2018, revealing that they have received requests from Kuwaiti companies wishing to invest in agriculture, pointing out that the locality has prepared vision to establish tourist resorts during the next stage, adding that the said dam contributes to the production of electricity by 320 MW, and provides 40% of the local water, along with the cultivation of two thousand acres to change the culture of food, and contributes to the collection of all the villages around it in 11 villages were built with a good specifications, besides provides all basic services.