Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Minister: Toughening Punishments for Crimes of Squandering Public Funds, Bribe and Illegal Wealth

Khartoum- (Agencies) The Ministry of Justice has said that the new bill on amendment of the Nationality Act includes amendment of the article pertinent to granting the nationality to the offspring of foreigners born in the country, as the bill stipulates granting the nationality to those born in 1924 and earlier years.
The Minister of Justice, Idris Ibrahim Jameel, declared in a press statement at the parliament on Sunday toughening of punishments for crimes of squandering public funds, bribe and illegal wealth, disclosing amendment of the framework local government act to lift immunity from the popular committees.
The Mister of Justice affirmed that the government is endeavoring to establish the state of the rule of law.