Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Sudan Calls on Human Rights Independent Expert

Khartoum - Sudan has affirmed that it did not receive any technical support under Chapter 10 of Human Rights Agenda which assist in capacity-building and providing the

facilities of improving human rights status in Sudan.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Haidar Ahmed Dafallah, received, Monday, the Independent Expert on Human Rights in Sudan, Aristide Nononsi, as part of his visit to the country and his mandate under Human Rights Council resolution 29/27 on technical assistance and capacity building to improve the human rights situation in the Sudan, which was renewed by Human Rights Council resolution 63/36/2017.

The Chief Justice expressed his thanks for the visit, stressing the independence of the Sudanese judiciary and its impartiality, expressing readiness of the judiciary to cooperate with the independent expert to carry out his mission, especially in the field of capacity building and technical support for the judiciary.
It is to be noted that Nononsi arrived in Khartoum this weekend for a 10-day visit to the country. On Sunday he met with Ahmed Abbas El Rizim, Minister of Justice, and Omar Suleiman Adam, Speaker of the State Council, concerning the overall human rights situation in the country.
After the meeting, the Minister of Justice told reporters in Khartoum that his ministry "has amended many laws with the aim to guarantee human rights in the country, including the lifting of immunity from those who are non-eligible".
The minister said there is a proposal to establish a binding Code of Conduct on how to deal with people who are legally charged. They should as well enjoy rights stipulated in the Constitution and other laws so as to ensure human rights will not be violated in the country.