Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Kadugli Archbishop Confirms Absence of Religious Persecution in the State

Kadugli – Assistant Archbishop of Kadugli of the Sudanese Episcopal Church, Bishop Hassan Osman James stressed the absence of any kind of religious persecution in the state, adding that the South Kordofan community is unique in tolerance, coexistence, unity and mutual respect among its components.
In an interview with Sudan Vision, to be published later, he said that they have started reconstruction and that the society in South Kordofan is living under the truce declared by the President of the Republic, which responded by the armed movements, noting that this truce gave them a motive to work for peace and the situation now changed for the better in the city of Kadugli.
Bishop James said that the city lives in coexistence and tolerance between all sectors of society, Muslims and Christians, who join hands with each other on holidays and events, and sharing in all their occasions, indicating that the model of religious coexistence in Kadugli society will respond to the mischief in social media sites and others, calling on the government and armed movement to take the courageous decision that will lead to lasting peace in South Kordofan.