Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

Under the Aegis of MTN-Sudan, the Red Sea State Celebrates the Graduation of 277 Male and Female Teachers

(Press Release) On the generous initiative of the Company, and to reaffirm its continued attention and support to education, the IT training course for male and female teachers in the basic stage  (Tech Literacy Program) held under the aegis of MTN-Sudan was recently concluded at the Red Sea State in Eastern Sudan. This course is part of a series specialized courses sponsored  by MTN-Sudan and conducted on a smart partnership between MTN-Sudan, Community Colleges and  Community Development Colleges in different universities in Sudan.  This initiative has been launched since 2015 and will continue into the end of this year.       
HE the Minister of Education in the Red Sea State, Mawlana ‘Awadallah Ibrahim and  Prof. Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Ahmad, Rector of the Red Sea University graced the occasion with their presence accompanied by Ustaz Yasir Bayumi, Manager, Sales and Distribution Division and Ustaz 'Alaa Aldin Elsheikh, Senior Manager, Social Responsibility and Sustainability in MTN-Sudan.
Speakers highly commended the partnership of MTN-Sudan and its significant contribution to the development of communities in particular in technological literacy for teachers and community sectors, noting that more than 3000 trainees have benefited from this training program in most of Sudan States.
Mr. 'Alaa Elsheikh, Senior Manager, Social Responsibility and Sustainability in MTN-Sudan welcomed the attendees and extended his congratulations to learners and their family members for the successful completion of the course. "MTN- attaches great importance to teachers as they represent the cornerstone of learning. For this reason we must pool our efforts and devote close attention to train them on ICT area for a sustainable future," Mr. Alaa said, affirming that the project would continue in several of the country’s States.
At the end of the event, shields and certificates of recognition were distributed among 77 male and female learners while other 200 learners will be graduated in the second phase of the project.   
In this connection, it should be recalled that the contribution of MTN-Sudan in education stems from its commitment to play a pivotal role to eradicate technological illiteracy as part of its responsibility towards the community.