Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

Training Workshop on Building Resilient Health Systems Focus on Darfur Regions

Khartoum - World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) organized a training course on Building Resilient Health Systems.  The course mainly focuses on the analysis of localized health systems, and conducted by Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam - The Netherlands and supported by WHO CO through Qatar Health Project Fund.
Deputy Director of Emergency Directorate at the Federal Ministry of Health Dr .Layla Hamad Enile (Facilitator) said The workshop targeted  30 health professionals who are working in the Ministry of Health, including WHO and UN agency staff, in addition to health personnel working with government institutions, NGOs, and other humanitarian organizations. The course was from 4th -14th March 2018 in Khartoum since the WHO experts and faculty from Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) Amsterdam
Layla stated that this course addressed the constraints as part of a broader learning programme to improve the analytical and planning capacity of the Ministry of Health and health partners. The overall objective of the programme is to strengthen health professionals' ability to apply analysis and lessons learnt after protracted crisis, progressing towards early recovery and development; develop adequate response, recovery and developmental strategies; and plan and implement effective interventions.
 The course has discussed the main components of health systems in a crisis + Universal Health Coverage , Humanitarian aid and its politics: Data and information challenges in crises ,The main components of health systems in a crisis , Challenges of complex emergencies to health systems and Climate change and it is effect on the pattern disease outbreaks in Sudan, Recovery processes and Studying transition processes + Migration of health personnel and it is impact on comprehensive development, Policies, strategies and plans ,Presentation of Sudan case study , The main components of health systems in a crisis ,Lessons learned and preliminary evaluation Layla added .