Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

Kassala Governor: Border Control Contributes Considerably in Security Stability

Khartoum – Governor of Kassala State Adam Jamaa confirmed the stability of security situation in his state after controlling the border and prevention of smuggling goods, human trafficking, weapons and drugs.
The governor  said that the borders of his state are stable and safe, despite that it is bordering two countries, indicating that the state of emergency was not felt by the people in Kassala, praising the role of the regular forces in securing the border and prevent any threat to the state, reviewing his government’s efforts  in facilitating peoples living through la-unions and cooperative societies , saying that the state has contributed in supporting and establishing portfolio to reduce burden of living with amount of SDG 39 million that inaugurated by the President of the Republic during his recent visit to the state.
He said that his government seeks to increase production through attention to the agricultural sector, indicating to their efforts to improve the education, affirming the stability of health situation in his state.