Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Dr. Alexandra: We Have Never Received Any Complaint of Violations of Religious Freedoms

Khartoum - The President of the Greek Community in Khartoum, Dr. Alexandra Pateraki, has affirmed that she has never received any complaint from members of the Greek

Community in Sudan of violations to their religious freedoms.
Speaking to Sudan Vision, Dr. Pateraki said the Greeks in Sudan since the last century have been enjoying absolute freedoms in practicing all their religious rites in Sudan and they have never subjected to any restrictions in practicing these rites.
She referred to the presence of the Greek Church in its premises since the year 1902, a matter that is considered as the biggest proof that religious coexistence in Sudan finds full respect from the Muslims and non-Muslims.
The Greek Church has never witnessed any interventions from anybody in Sudan since that time, Dr. Pateraki said.
She affirmed that the recent visit paid by Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria to Sudan is considered as the biggest proof for the prevalence of religious coexistence and tolerance in Sudan, saying that his holiness stood by himself on this peaceful coexistence during his meeting with bishops of churches in Sudan.
Dr. Pateraki said that anybody that alleges that there is religious discrimination in Sudan doesn’t have enough information on the religious freedoms prevailing in Sudan, affirming that religious freedoms are respected in a great manner in Sudan as proved by spread of churches in Khartoum and other towns in the country enjoying full freedoms of practicing religious rites.