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Friday, 23 March 2018

Sudan’s Antiquities Reflect Oldest World Civilizations

Khartoum - The Sudanese civilization is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world as proved by archaeological artifacts discovered in some parts of the country

The areas of Sudan are rich with antiquities sites of pyramids and temples as inscription dating back 3000 BC have been discovered.
The history of inscription in Sudan dated back to very ancient times. The Meroitic language of Sudan is considered as the first phonetic language in Africa, as the hieroglyphic language was concerned with symbolizing meanings and not voices.
Writings made about the history of Sudan in the past did not cover all cycles of the rich history of the country.
What has been said or written about the history of Sudan till now only represents the tip of the iceberg.
We are going to serialize publishing photos of Sudanese antiquities that are published for the first time. The photos are obtained from Sudanese archeologists, who conducted research and met most famous archeologists in the world.