Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Britain Calls on Armed Groups to Resort to Peace

Khartoum-British Ambassador to Khartoum Michael Aaron has said the Sudanese government has clear and strong will for realization of peace, calling on the leaderships of the

armed groups to follow suit as the peoples of the Two Areas and Darfur want peace, affirming that the freedom of press in Sudan is good compared with the countries of the area.
The British Ambassador affirmed in a press statement following a meeting with Minister of Information Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman according to Sudan News Agency importance of realization of peace in Sudan in particular and the African continent in general, adding that the British government would assist in realizing this goal.
He affirmed that Britain through its membership in the Troika with US and Norway supports the efforts of the African Union (AU) and president Mbeki, expressing optimism that the current year would be the year of peace in the Two Areas and Darfur.
He also indicated that the meeting touched on the coming elections in Sudan in 2020 and importance of participation of all political parties in it and readiness of UK to assist in holding the elections, which they expect to be free and fair.
The ambassador expressed his pleasure to meet the Minister of Information, pointing out that the meeting also touched on the economic and political developments in Sudan and that the Minister affirmed that Sudan with its economic resources would be able to rectify the situations.
Meanwhile, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour also met the British Ambassador to bid him farewell for the expiry of his assignment to Sudan.
The meeting tackled the developments in the relations between the two countries during the term of service of the ambassador and what has been achieved in the past period, underscoring that cooperation would continue in all fields in the coming period.