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Friday, 14 December 2018

Conference Will Discuss Food Situation in Africa, FAO Ahmadu

Khartoum -This conference, the FAO Regional Conference for Africa (19-23 February), is very important for Sudan because it will provide an opportunity for Sudan to show-

case v and share its experiences on how it is managing its agricultural sector vide exhibitions that will take place during the conference days and because Sudan have a lot of agricultural potentialities and this widely acknowledged, said FAO-Sudan Representative, Dr. Babagana  Ahmadu, in an interview with Sudan Vision yesterday. He commended Sudan for volunteering to host the 30 Regional Conference. 
Adding that this Conference will discuss the status of implementation of the last ,29 regional conference convened two years ago Abidjan, Ivory Coast and in which a number of recommendations were adapted.
In the framework of the conference, he said, there will a ministerial panel discussion on Zero Hunger in Africa and the attainment of this goal by 2030.
A very important item in the agenda of the conference on which the FAO Representative stressed on was that if we really want to combat the challenge of illegal migration and the population explosion in Africa, then there must be a strong focus on the development of agriculture in the rural areas and in particular in the borders areas and the marginalized regions. So, there will be a call to Africa development partners to invest in these sectors.
Also, Dr. Ahmadu raised a two very important issue essential for the rebooting the African agricultural sector. The first is the need to invest in basic infrastructure to enable African agricultural produce reach the international markets and the second that without upgrading the quality of the products it will not be possible to export to foreign markets and this in turn needs training the farmers on new invasive techniques to upgrade their products to meet international markets standards.
He concluded by that we are looking forward for a robust conference which will come out with important decisions in the road for Zero Hunger in Africa.