Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Sudan Wins the anti-Bacterial Infection Award Globally

Khartoum - Sudan has won the prize of excellence in the fight against inflammation of haematosis «Blood sepsis "

at a time when the Sudanese Alliance for Blood Transfusion  will organize  the Global  Conference of Anti-sepsis in Khartoum from today to the 3 February.
State Minister of Health Mamoun Humaida revealed yesterday in a press conference that sepsis is caused by our body defense system (immune system) working overtime to fight infection. This can lead to organ damage. Blood clotting during sepsis reduces blood flow to limbs and internal organs. This deprives them of nutrients and oxygen. In severe cases, one or more organs may fail.
In the worst cases, sepsis leads to a life-threatening drop in blood pressure, he said .
 The conference will   participated by experts from outside and the country and under the patronage of the Minister of Health of Khartoum State Professor Mamoun Humaida and in cooperation with the Adult Care Council and the Sudanese National Council of Specialology Medical and Global alliance against Sepsis, along with the African Alliance and will participate by the countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Australia.
 Kamal Osman, president of the Blood Sepsis Association, said the conference is aimed to fight blood sepsis through easily understandable messages to all health and institutional sectors. Charity and the public to be able to face it in addition to directing resources and people to fight the blood sepsis at the regional and international level , as well as support for the process of developing the blood-infection protocol, proposals and programmes in supporting  researchers, caregivers and the public,  (WHO)  in controlling the disease  because it is a prevalent disease, where mortality is high, so it is imperative to fight the it through awareness and education with the involvement of civil society leaders in raising awareness  and  developing  of a therapeutic protocol.
 It is worth noting that blood poisoning, sepsis or blood infection is a disorder caused by the presence of dangerous bacterial transmission. From the body to the blood, and that infection threatens the lives of those infected. In cases of early diagnosis, its treatment can be unsuccessful.