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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Abdul Mahmoud: Sudan Is In the First Steps in Diplomatic Battle with Egypt

Khartoum – Sudan Ambassador to Egypt, Abdul Mahmoud Abdul Halim has revealed escalating steps in confronting Egypt following his recall by the Sudanese government last

He said that the recalling step is one of the diplomatic gradual steps which could include withdrawing the ambassador or deporting his or severing the relations and declaring war.
Ambassador Abdul Halim hinted that Sudan has started the first step in its diplomatic battle against Egypt.
He did not explain the reasons for the Sudanese escalation against Egypt, but expressed hopes for overcoming the current challenges.
“In every challenge there should be an opportunity, and there should be a plan to put our relations with Egypt in its right track. We want to resolve all the outstanding issues and removing the reasons of my recall by the Sudanese government” he said.