Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Minister of Minerals Announces Support to Remove All Difficulties Facing Jordanian Companies

Khartoum  - (SUNA) The Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashem Ali Salem has announced his support to overcome all the difficulties facing the Jordanian companies in the field of mining.
The minister pointed out that the ministry in its plan for the year 2018 sought to encourage all investment opportunities related to the indigenization of the industry of other minerals including iron, copper and other minerals in the field of agricultural fertilizers, which are greatly needed by the country to revive agriculture.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jordan's Al-Jazeera Bank former Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Hazza'a said, in statements to the press, that major Jordanian companies had announced their desire to invest in mining sector in Sudan.
Hazza'a said that the State of Jordan has a number of investment projects in Sudan, including Orshab Mining Company, which will start this week the launch of its first production of gold, pointing out that Jordan aspires to expand its investment in Sudan in all fields.