Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Students Fund Launches Electronic Sponsorship Applications Service

Khartoum- Secretary General of the National Students Support Fund Prof. Mohamed Abdallah Al Nagarabi launched yesterday the service of electronic applications for

students sponsorship at all sites of the fund in the various states of the country.
Prof. Al Nagrabi affirmed that the new electronic service is a step for completion of computerization of work and activities of the fund in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
He announced additional services for the students, including increasing the financial support for sponsored students, continuation of subsidizing meals at housing complexes for students besides increasing the number of sponsored students to 250 thousands students.
He explained that the sponsorship program is a social intervention that realizes the philosophy of making higher education available for all, referring to up to 40 kinds of sponsorship granted by the fund for students.
He also indicated that preparations have been completed for provision of breakfast meals to some 500 students in places where there are high dropout rates from schools, pointing out that the number would be doubled by the end of this year through mobilization of the energies of the Sudanese society which comes as part of support to general, technical and technological education.