Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Ministry of Guidance and Endowment Celebrates Religious Coexistence in Sudan

Khartoum – Ministry of Guidance and Endowment celebrates with the Council of Churches religious coexistence

, represented by the Xmas day of all churches in Sudan on 25th December2017 in the context of the celebrations with the Christians and Coptic in Sudan.
The programme will be in collaboration with the supreme council for Daawa in Khartoum State under the theme (Enhancing Values of Social Peace and Coexistence).
The celebrations will be in different churches in Khartoum in the different localities. Government top officials will take part in this religious occasion to reflect the real meaning of religious coexistence in Sudan. The programme will continue for three days.
The celebrations aim to conveying a message to the whole world on the real religious coexistence in Sudan.
It is worth noting that there are both Muslims and Christians in the same family as in some areas of Sudan a matter that indicates the harmony, peace, security and stability.