Current Date:

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad Honors Mazahir Salih

Khartoum - The Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad (SSWA) has honored in a celebration organized by the women department at the secretariat at its premises the Sudanese American, Mazahir Salih, on the occasion of her winning a seat in the US Iowa City Council, in recent legislative elections there.
SSWA’s Secretary General Dr. Karrar Al-Tuhami, addressing the occasion, has said?? SSWA has continued to celebrate and honor big accomplishments by Sudanese citizens abroad, referring to a number of Sudanese citizens who made big achievements and honored by the Secretariat.
This aims at benefitting from the positions of these Sudanese citizens and the accomplishments they have realized in serving the country, he noted.
Ms. Mazahir Salih, on her part, has called on the Sudanese abroad to integrate in the host communities and develop their professional and social capabilities in a way that serves the host countries and the homeland, expressing her thanks and appreciation to the SSWA.
The occasion was attended by prominent members of the Sudanese communities in Europe, Gulf area and US.
Meanwhile, SSWA’s Secretary General Dr. Al-Tuhami discussed with a delegation of the Sudanese communities in the United States of America ways and means of benefitting from the positions and experiences of the Sudanese in US in boosting the relations of the Sudanese and the Sudan with the community and officials in US in all fields, especially after the lifting of the economic sanctions on Sudan.