Current Date:

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Communications Ministry Reveals Efforts to Form Regional Internet Exchange Point

Khartoum - State Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Ibrahim Al-Mirghani revealed Sudanese efforts to form a regional Internet exchange point in order to benefit from Sudan's position in the heart of Africa.
Addressing the World Telecommunication Development Conference in Argentina, Al-Mirghani said that Sudan enjoys a highly competitive communications environment and that the government is working in harmony with the private sector in accordance with clear and binding laws and legislation for all parties, pointing out that the stability in the telecommunications sector contributed to the continuation of a large number of development projects and delivery of services to remote areas, revealing that Sudan has developed a national Internet point in an effort to form a regional exchange point, pointing out that the Ministry of Communications and its partners from telecommunications companies and the private sector seeking to benefit from Sudan location in the heart of the continent and its large area, stressing Sudan's commitment to work with the International Telecommunication Union and local, regional and international partners to achieve the objectives of sustainable development to create an economic and social environment to apply the optimal use of Information and Communication Technology.