Current Date:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Finance Ministry Says EDD is Reference to Economic Decision Makers

Khartoum-The state minister of the Ministry of the Finance and Economic planning Majdi Hassan Yassin

has assured that the Economic Display Document (EDD) which has been published by the ministry since the Independence Day in 1956 is a historical document.
This came while he was addressing participants in a workshop organized by the general bureau of policies, planning and studies, the event presented by planning directors of the lined ministries.
“The economic display document is considered as a reference for Sudanese economic performance and it is a source information to academicians and researchers who concern with economic issues” added Majdi.
He continued to say that the “EDD” facilitate the mission of decision makers set good economic and social policies.
While planning undersecretary at the ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Abdalla Ibrahim Ali has stated that the current EDD is the most significant document since 1970s.
He explained the objective of the workshop is to modernize the EDD which is become one of the reliable documents to international libraries like US Congress library.
On his part, the director of planning and economic policies Maki Mohamed Abdul Rahim said the event is to celebrate EDD 60th anniversary.