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Sunday, 20 May 2018

The African Regional Director of CIPE Talks to Sudan Vision

(Editor-in-Chief Samawal Awad El-Sayed, Economic Reporter Mohamed Abdalla)  - Sudan Vision has specified wide space to its business activities

, on this issue we spotlight on the workshop organized last week on finance and accounting. The event is a partnership between ALOULA and CIPE, Sudanese American organizations, the objective behind the workshop is to curb corruptions and to encourage business worldwide.
More details about the event in the following interview with the African Regional director of the Center of the International Private Enterprise (CIPE) Mr. Lars Benson.
He thanked Sudan Vision for interview, Lars Benson is the regional director of the CIPE, Lars said CIPE is a well known organization that focuses primarily on the expanding the voice of the business.
Also he added that the mission of the organization is to create a proper business environment. He assured that everyone should have economic freedom and economic opportunity to be successful.
He informed that CIPE is working in over 50 countries worldwide, in Sudan CIPE has just started a partnership with ALOULA, which is based on trying to Introduce into Sudanese market “A Management System” which is related to “Anti Corruption Compliance”.
He continued to say that ALOULA is our partner in terms of our efforts in Sudan, Larson has stressed that CIPE interested in compliance, because it’s a management system that has become more important across the world, he advised that engagement to international business require setting up a management systems to prevent fraud and to prevent any form of corruption.
 Lars explained that corruption has different types and ways exercised even by private sector companies and business and in government as well.
He stated that the reason behind fighting corruption is because Africa and specifically Sudan has a potential to provide international business, but the problem according to Lars is US companies if they want to look after investment overseas you have to pick countries and partners that operate in proper manner.
He cited in this programme they give tools to the companies to make themselves more attractive to international investors and to form international partnership.
He stated that management system related to issues like business ethics, the risks of corruption is too high in all international companies through third parties, agents and partners in different countries.  They cause financial risks or credibility reputation risks any foreign investors who are working in Europe or in United States of America. Larson added that large investors seek for transparency and credibility and this is one way that companies differentiate themselves from their local competition.
He assured that when companies coming to Sudan and interested in getting provide supplies to hotels or provide agro business, how Sudanese companies can differentiate themselves.
Lars explained that compliance provides tools process and systems within the company to reduce to medicate and to prevent corruption because corruption costs companies a lot of money, one of the areas you quickly reduce that is by working in anti corruption. He affirmed that corruption is existing in every country in the world, but in Sudanese companies must try to find ways to make you more competitive when you want to run new investment you need a partnership with foreign companies. It is one of the systems that management can be used is prevent fraud, abuse lost of the revenue.
According to Lars that CIPE is working in 5 African countries (Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Mozambique and Angola).