Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Turkey a Model for Joint Cooperation with Sudan

Khartoum- Professor Abdallah Suleiman, minister of agriculture and forests assured the importance of Sudanese-Turkish cooperation

in the agricultural fields and animals production benefiting from Sudan great potentials and resources beside the Turkish experience. In addition to creating new partnerships with the Turkish side. The Minister pointed to the national role the Sudanese private sector during the US sanctions for two decades.   The Minister addressed the Sudanese-Turkish businessmen forum held recently at Corinthia in Khartoum recently.

Volume of Commercial Exchange to US$2 Billion in 2020:

Bakr Demrl, the Turkish minister of agriculture said that the visit of the Turkish delegate aims to deepening, strengthening and enhancing the bilateral partnerships relations, pointed to the successful joint talks held in Khartoum. He noted to that the two sides agreed to establish the Turkish agricultural Bank in Sudan to enhance the strategic partnership. He assured their readiness to facilitate with the Sudanese obstacles to reach the volume of commercial exchange to US $ 2 Billion.

The Two Sides Work to Realize Cooperation in All Fields

Fatih Meitain, Turkish deputy minister of Trade pointed to that the great aims that the two sides are working to realize with cooperation in all fields focusing on the good talks held with the Sudanese ministry of trade included the free trade agreement signed by the Sudanese side and expected to be signed by the parliaments in the two countries in this month to pave the way for businessmen to expand in cooperation and to concentrate on solving problems to facilitate.

Distinctive Progress in the Bilateral Relations

Saud Mammon El Birarer, head of the Sudanese Businessmen considered the organizing of the forum as continuation of developing of the bilateral relations which is culminated with the historic visit of the Turkish president Recep Tayeb Erdogan to Sudan last year, that created some sort of understandings with the President Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, these understandings realized distinctive political, economic and social relations.
Al Birare assured readiness to full cooperate with Turkish private sector that will support economies of the two countries.
Erfan Oglo, the Turkish Ambassador to Sudan assured to solve the visa problems to Sudanese businessmen just in a week.

Turkey showed seriousness towards many aspects particularly the economic and during the US economic sanctions in the last twenty years in particular. Turkish businessmen came to Sudan to create partnerships with the Sudanese businessmen. They explored the Sudanese market, and these will appear in expecting Turkish investments in the coming era. Sudanese Government facilitated all obstacles before foreign investments, in particular the Turkish investments.