Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Completion of Electronic Payment by the End of 2018

Khartoum-Police Lt. General, Dr. Mohamed Osman al Rekabi , minister of finance and economic planning said the completion of all government

dealings in cash ,pointed to that  electronic payment processes require infrastructure and upgrading the efficiency of the governmental performance , the follow up, revision processes to reach Sudan electronic government . He explained this as a national program for facilitating communication to serve the citizen.
Al Rekabi considered electronic payment as a step to reduce the volume of money circulating in the country. He expressed the readiness of his ministry to coordinate with the partners to success the process in order to adapt with the rapid developments to reach the digital economy participating in managing the development ‘economy.
The minister of finance said in the forum held at the national center for information -ministry of communication, in collaboration with the Accounts Chamber at the ministry of finance under the theme (realizing economic reform and enhancing the national capabilities through developing investment in communication sector).
He pointed to the benefits of the electronic payment, stressing on providing the services to the citizens as a main goal.
Meanwhile, Mohamed Abdul Raheem Yasin, General Director of the national center for information expressed their readiness to implement the decision of the minister considering 31st December 2018 as the last day for pay in cash for the government dealings . He added that there are 21,000 services for electronic payment.
From his side , Omer Hassan , Manager of the Banking services company disclosed that the volume of money had paid electronically  reached SDG 1,200 billion , paid to the baking system .