Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Minister of Finance: Expatriate Incentives Meet their Ambitions

Khartoum  (SUNA) – The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi

has affirmed that the expatriate’s incentive package approved by the Council of Ministers Thursday came in response to the desires and aspirations of the expatriates and they are more responsive to what they perceive in various fields. Dr. Al-Rikabi announced that the incentives would be implemented immediately so that the expatriates to touch their advantages. He pointed out that the incentives proposal has been studied by the expatriates’ organ, the concerned bodies, the committees of the Council of Ministers and the expatriate committees. The minister added that the expatriate resources were huge and did not enter the banks during the past years because of the economic blockade, which deprived the banking system from the foreign exchange transfers through the international correspondent banks with the Sudanese banks, a matter that will be achieved now after the lifting of the economic embargo.
He  hoped flow of remittances through the banking sector instead of the parallel market for the country to benefit from the huge revenues in bridging the balance of trade deficit.  For his part, the Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan Mussa’ad Mohamed Ahmed said that the country's orientation towards expatriates was positive and endeavoring to attract their financial resources in the framework of an integrated package in order to achieve joint interest. He pointed out that the Central Bank would promote the incentive package and assess its usefulness in the expatriates’ remittances, revealing the stability of bank’s policies on the remittances which ensure withdrawal in the currencies transferred to the banks.