Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

NPC Official Highlights Sudan Efforts in Implementing the 2030 Agenda for SDGs

Khartoum – Dr.Lamiaa Abdul Gaffar Khalafallah, the secretary General of the National Population Council (NPC)

sheded light on Sudan efforts to implement the SDGs 2030, in a full text of an interview to be published in the coming days. She explained that many forums were organized with concerned bodies reviewed the voluntary report on the SDGs 2030 and Sudan plan, among 47 countries that review its voluntary reports since 2016.
This voluntary report is expected to deliver to the political high level forum next July in New York 2019. Sudan is voluntary reviewed its national report before the compulsory report in the 2019 where all countries have review and its current situation in implementing the SDGs 2030, Dr. Lamiaa said.
She added that Sudan is great concern with the partnerships, at the bilateral, regional and international levels, in addition to the cooperation with the international financing funds, mainly in the field of development.
Dr. Lammiaa pointed to seize the opportunity after lifting of US sanctions which imposed on Sudan for two decades which affected negatively in implementing effectively the SDGs during the economic embargo. She explained that those sanctions had prevented Sudan from any humanitarian assistance at that time.
She expects a noticeable movement from all sectors, ministries like ministry of foreign affairs, international cooperation, and finance and economic planning, to create some sort of international partnerships and cooperation to support development and financing development in Sudan. 
She pointed to the importance of the  these forums that discussed and reviewed the voluntary report on the SDGs 2030, with the governmental and private sectors , women , youth , and the civil society and the partnerships with UN organizations . She described the report as a mechanism to implement the SDGs in Sudan.