Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Gum Arabic Production Inching to 200,000 Tons This Season

Khartoum- Gum Arabic Company declared an of volume of product and export during this season

, due to the policies adopted to urge producers and support them through suitable prices aiming to realize stability in the situations and providing environment and services  in the Gum Arabic belt .
Awad Allah Ibrahim, General Director of the Gum Arabic Company said in press statements that the company has smart partnerships with producers sector in the area of Gum Arabic which leads to increase the product of Gum Arabic to 200,000 tones for this season, in compare with 170,000 tons in the last year.
The General Manager of the company described this season as successful one to the producers, noted to the unpreceded increase in the price of the Gum Arabic ton to become SDG3250.
Ibrahim explained that they had set policies with the concerned bodies for exporting and external marketing of the commodity, beside the arrangements with the external bodies to organize exhibitions for promotion and informing with the product areas in the coming phase.