Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Presidency of the Republic Declares New Plans to Develop Agricultural Sector

Khartoum – Presidential Assistant, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ahmed Ibrahim, declared new plans to develop the agricultural sector

, increase and improvement of agricultural exports to complete within the coming three years.
He stated to Sudan Vision when visiting the exhibitions of the agricultural week considering the agricultural week as part of the state’s efforts to develop agriculture to be the locomotive of the Sudanese economy, reduce poverty rates, beside the interest with the issue of product not only at the level of managements ministries, but to the public opinion, farmers, producers, the public companies.
Dr. Faisal appreciated efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the participants in the national week of agriculture scheduled 23rd -29th March 2018 pointed that agriculture is Sudan coming future and the week of agriculture aimed to shed light, and to raise public awareness with agriculture, production, and the agricultural potentials and techniques.
The Presidential Assistant, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim honored during his visit to the exhibition in the national week of agriculture,   some farmers and researchers from the states for their projects and researches in increasing productivity.