Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

Animal Resources Reveals the Establishment of 30 Slaughterhouses, 18 veterinary hospitals, 18 Centers for Artificial Insemination

Khartoum-Minister of animal resources, Juma Bushara Aror declared establishment of 30 modern slaughter houses

, 18 veterinary hospitals, and 18 artificial insemination centers for each state; in addition to 180 units of veterinary hospital.
The Minister explained in the weekly forum of the ministry of information last week that there will be 4 slaughters to be established in North Kordufan , Atabra in the river Nile state, west of Omdurman Khartoum state , beside rehabilitation of old slaughters according to the international standards , training of staff, and developing Safari Veterinary Institute  for improving the kind . Aror assured supporting and developing of researches with SD billions.
The minister pointed to the importance of the agricultural, animal and industrial census, to fulfil change. He pointed to that the animal resources sector represents an integrated and comprehensive system in social, economic, political and cultural aspects of life.
Regard to the decision of exporting camel females, he explained to Sudan Vision that the decision was issued in 2008, since that time till now; the export is 30 million heads 96% camel , and 4% is camel females . Regard to the decision issued by HE the FVP of the Republic, the National Prime Minister addressing the national conference of animal resources recently stopping the export of the camel females with exception in the season of Haj .The Minister the decision will implement after establishing the first 20 slaughterhouses, to befit from the product, and the added value.