Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Business and Finance 2017

On Monday the 9th of January 2017 Sudan Vision issued its first economic local page “Business and Finance”

as a gate to Sudan potentials, the economic beat has achieved its duties perfectly, before we introduce our 2018 business policy I would like to present a report to inform business institutions what we achieved, what are the challenges, which area deserves more efforts and what are the negatives and positives.
The required number of the local pages is 48 pages, the issued pages during the 2017 are 48, the implementation has been scored 100%, while the number of columns written on economic issues totaled 48 columns, and the result is 100%, the issues discussed in this business editorial policy concern with the budget, the importance of tourism, agriculture and animal resources.
The economic beat in Sudan Vision also focused on reports to provide documented information concerning the outstanding economic events, as regard to reports our economic reporters has exceeded the fixed number  of 2017 plan which asked for 48 reports while the actual number of reports reached to 58 means that the reports have been scored 120%.
Sudan has witnessed tremendous economic activities such as lifting of the economic sanctions which created a conducive atmosphere that encourages economists and businessmen to organize events, Sudan Vision generally follows the daily business movements, but Business and Finance in particular has issued 119 news stories out of 96, the percentage is 123%, the page is aimed at providing a distinctive media services to embassies, organizations, companies and business communities as general regionally as well as globally.
In terms of interviews we did only 5 out of 12, scored 41%, in 2018 we will do our best to achieve interviews to answer questions of Sudan economy and to generate business data to meet investors aspirations.
Business and Finance invite economists to contribute to the page through analysis to facts in order to give solutions and proposals, we disabled to do many analysis, only 3 out of 12 the percentage is 25%, to tackle this we reviewed a book about Sudan oil 4 series.
Business and Finance put this report on the table to discuss by our partners to send ideas, during the year 2017 we covered the Ministries of Investment 35 times, Agriculture 30 times, Finance 22 times, Trade 21 times, animal resources 12 times, Oil 11 times, Industry 10 times, Tourism 8 and Minerals 7.
Also concerned with the development activities and projects 54 times the page issued development stories and 18 times we wrote about US economic sanctions.
While the Central Bank of Sudan 3 times, the rate of covered here in this report restricted to the weekly publish, this the contribution of the Business and Finance during the last 12 months.
This is the first issue in 2018, to start our second year, Sudan is one of the African richest countries, but how to utilize potentials is the “Challenge” so by coordination and partnership between media, private and public sectors we can draw an economic policy to attract investors.