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Khartoum –Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic being of people living in the rural areas

. It has traditionally centered on exploiting of the land-intensive natural resources such as agriculture and forestry. Sudan is mainly agricultural country of different agricultural and climatic regions varied from the desert in the north to the wide and multi valleys and plains, and rivers in the center, in addition the forests and savannah in the south.
Rural development is described as the base for development in Sudan taking in consideration that most of the developmental huge and giant agricultural scheme and projects were in the rural areas such Gezira scheme in Gezira state, which established in 1925 as one of the famous and oldest schemes in Sudan. In addition to Sugar factories in Sennar state, and Genaid also in Gezira state, Kenna  sugar scheme in the White Nile state , the white Sugar factory also  in the White state . Beside the   Cement Factories in the River Nile state. The textile factory in Hashesa in Gezira state.  Sudan railways headquater in Atabra in the River Nile state .Some of these schemes need great effort to rehabilitate them to work aside with the new ones, supporting that rural development in the different parts of Sudan.
Looking back in the history of agriculture and Industry in Sudan it is noticeable that all these agricultural or industrial scheme are in the rural areas,  not in the capital Khartoum ,the  center , for the nature of these developmental schemes, beside  the existence of  resources represented in the raw materials , manpower , the lands , and all requires .Economic experts called for the rural development as a base for comprehensive development all over Sudan . They called also for rehabilitation of those factories which had stopped for tens of years. 
Economic sanctions and the severe embargo which imposed on Sudan since 1997 had affected negatively on Sudan economy, so the lifting of these sanctions on 6th October 2017  is considered a new start for Sudan , it will open new horizons for foreign investments to come to Sudan, but the most important to attract strong investments is basic requires of development that are setting of plans and strategies, infrastructures , providing services , to rehabilitate or establish new schemes and developmental projects in the rural areas as well as the urban ones . Government is expected to create new partnerships with the private sector. Rural development is the most urgent need for the coming era .
Rural development is characterized by its emphasis on locally produced economic development. The need for rural communities to approach development from a wider perspective. Higher Education is one of the pillars of developments, some of Universities like University of Gezira was opened in a rural area and most of its faculties were related with rural development. So the development process has many aspects and sides, including support of the rural specialized Universities and institutes. To assist and help farmers   in the agricultural sector, as well as  the industrial .